Sr. No. Name Description Download
1. FORM 23C Form of application to the Central Government for appointment of cost auditor Download FORM 23C
2. Form ADJ Memorandum of Appeal Download Form ADJ
3. Form CG-1 Form for filing application or documents with Central Government Download Form CG-1
4. FORM CRA-12 Form of intimation of appointment of cost auditor by the company to Central Government. Download FORM CRA-12
5. Form DIR-3C Intimation of Director Identification Number by the company to the Registrar DIN services Download Form DIR-3C
6. Form FTE Application for striking off the name of company under the Fast Track Exit(FTE) Mode Download Form FTE
7. Form INC-1 Application for reservation of name Download Form INC-1
8. Form INC-18 Application to Regional director for conversion of section 8 company into company of any other kind Download Form INC-18
9. Form INC-23 Application to Regional Director for approval to shift the Registered Office from one state to another state or from jurisdiction of one Registrar to another Registrar within the same State Download Form INC-23
10. Form INC-24 Application for approval of Central Government for change of name Download Form INC-24
11. Form INC-6 One Person Company- Application for Conversion Download Form INC-6
12. Form MSC-1 Application to Registrar for obtaining the status of dormant company Download Form MSC-1
13. Form MSC-4 Application for seeking status of active company Download Form MSC-4
14. Form RD-1 Applications made to Regional Director Download Form RD-1
15. Form RD-2 Form for filing Application to Central Government (Regional Director) Download Form RD-2